September 7, 2019
Shawn Nye Impressive in Chemung Sportsman Debut, Nichols Pockets Big Cash in Super Stocks by Carol Houssock

  Two great nights opened the month of September at Chemung Speedrome. Winners on Friday night included Mike Nichols (Super Stocks), Kyle Youngs (INEX Legends), Josh Duke (Bandolero Outlaw) and Derrick Vogler (Bandolero Bandit). Saturday evening winners were Shawn Nye (RoC Sportsman), Mike Nichols (New York Super Stocks) and Nick Robinson (RoC 4 Cylinders). This rare two-day program was possible when several area businesses rallied to boost the payouts and to offer special bonuses on both nights.

  On Friday night the Super Stocks ran a 42-lap race in memory of the late Ed Bidlack. The former Late Model racer at Shangri-la/Tioga passed away earlier in the summer. Gary Noe led early on, before losing the top spot to Mike Nichols on lap 17 restart. Four laps later Nichols collected the halfway bonus of $100 sponsored by Footes Tire and Auto Service. Over the second half of the race Nick Robinson and Garrett Zacharias got up to second and third but the gap between them and Nichols proved too much to overcome. Nichols picked up the win, which an anonymous donor had increased to $1,000. Mike was also in the best position to capitalize on a $600 bonus if he could win Saturday as well. Robinson, Zacharias, Jesse Hurley and Tim Gullo all posted top five finishes.

  The 25-lap INEX Legends national qualifier got underway with Jody Buckley on the point. Kyle Youngs ran right behind him with Gary Ham in third. The race had a lengthy caution when Raven Schrantz spilled oil in the turn three area. While the track crew cleaned up that mess an even greater mess occurred. Charlie Lohmeyer’s #5L went up in smoke in turn one while under caution but he stayed on the track and put oil down from there all the way to turn four. The race resumed, however it was slowed two more times for two-car spins. The first involved the #4 of Kyle Youngs, who restarted at the rear and quickly took over the race lead. Youngs held on and scored the win over Gary Ham, Jody Buckley, Sean Verwys and Anthony Gullo.

  Josh Duke was Josh does in the INEX Bandolero division and that’s win. The track’s record-holder for season wins, now at 11, made it look easy in the 10-lap national qualifier. Derrick Vogler finished second, followed to the line by Chase Sinsabaugh, Jeffrey Noe and Nolan Baker. Four cars pulled in to victory lane – Duke and Vogler for the Outlaw and Bandit wins, Sinsabaugh and Noe for capturing the Bandit and Outlaw national qualifiers.

  Saturday brought the New York Super Stocks and two of the Race of Champions asphalt divisions, Sportsman and 4 Cylinders, together for a full evening of racing.

  When you pull in to a track for the first time you wish for the best. Lancaster, NY’s Shawn Nye got his wish when he won his heat race, drew the pole for the 75-lap feature, and then led every lap for the big win. In the early going he faced a tough challenge from Charlie Sharpsteen, who lost second to Tyler Rypkema. Nye saw a nice lead almost evaporate when he caught some lap cars at the lap 30 mark. The race itself was slowed for seven cautions. Each time, Rypkema tried to outrun Nye but was unable to do so. The final caution came with five laps to go. Nye prevailed yet again and took the checkered flag over Tony Hanbury, who nipped Rypkema for second coming off turn four on the final lap. Joe Evans and Sharpsteen rounded out the top five.

  The New York Super Stocks made their third, and final, appearance at Chemung this year. Luck of the draw put Mike Nichols on the outside of row one for the start of the 50-lap feature. It took him just a dozen laps to take over the lead. From that point on he had to survive several restarts following cautions. Early on it was Andy Cryan lined up beside him, while later in the event Zack Willis passed him and it was he who moved into second and alongside Nichols. This one boiled down to a green/white/checkered finish with Nick Robinson and Frank Chapman lined up behind Nichols and Willis. Nichols powered around the track those final two laps, knowing a $600 bonus was his if he could win both Friday and Saturday.

  Nick Robinson did double duty on Saturday, running both the Super Stock and 4 Cylinder features. He had the lead early on while Greg Moldt charged toward the front from his ninth starting position. Moldt took over the lead briefly when Robinson attempted to shift on a restart and fell back four spots, which he reclaimed in two laps. At the halfway point Robinson got around Moldt and led the way once again. Moldt was stuck like glue but could not find an opening or muster a run on the top side. That’s how it ended, with Robinson in victory lane, Moldt second, Bob Bogner third, Kenny Hejna fourth and Jason Anasiewicz fifth.

  A regular five-division show, to replace a July rainout, is scheduled for Friday night. Admission is $13 for adults, $11 for seniors, $5 for kids 5 to 12 and free for kids under 5. Gates open at 5 with racing at 7. For information, log on to the track’s website:, ‘like’ us on Facebook: Chemung Speedrome – Racing at the Drome, or call Ray Hodge, Promoter, at 607-483-3468.

  Of Note:

  The track held a moment of silence to remember Don Toal, who passed away earlier in the day. Both the NYSS and RoC honored him with a missing pole position car during their parade laps. Toal, an RoC Hall of Famer and 50-year employee at Spencer Speedway, was a friend to everyone in racing.

  Jason Duke, who arrives at the track with a pair of Bandoleros for his son Josh, loaned his spare motor to the Sinsabaugh’s so that Chase could run the race. He went on to win the national qualifying spot for the Bandits.

Ed Bidlack's step-daughter, Danielle, was on hand for the trophy presentation Friday night. She also gave race winner Mike Nichols a framed photo of Ed in Victory Lane at Shangri-la Speedway.

  A race fan from Elmira, NY won the season’s largest 50/50 pot on Saturday night.

  Gary Ham led the Legends feature at the halfway point to earn a $100 bonus from Chemung Softwater and owner John Bacon.

  Track management thanks Valley Collision and Auto, Ferrario Auto Team, Buckley’s Automotive, Buckley’s Discount Tire and Brakes, Goodwin Automotive, Wilber Auto Sales, AMP Contracting, Bobby Osgood Auto Sales, Premier Landscaping, Serendipity Ice Cream, and Ed’s Heads Portable Toilets for stepping up and making the two-day show possible.

(Friday) :

  Super Stocks (42 Laps):
MIKE NICHOLS, Nick Robinson, Garrett Zacharias, Jesse Hurley, Tim Gullo, Frank Chapman, Jim House, Joel Gleason, Derrick Tarbox, JP Harbst, Lee Sharpsteen, Ron Underwood, Gary Noe, Brian DeMark, Gil Sharpsteen, Ajay Potrzebowski, James Stanley, Don Archibald, Nate Peckham
  Heats: Nichols, Noe, Hurley

  INEX Legends (25 Laps): KYLE YOUNGS, Gary Ham, Jody Buckley, Sean Verwys, Anthony Gullo, James Anderson, Charlie Lohmeyer, Raven Schrantz
  Heats: Ham, Youngs

  INEX Bandoleros (10 Laps): JOSH DUKE, Derrick Vogler, Chase Sinsabaugh, Jeffrey Noe, Nolan Baker, Aiden Gardner, Nial Gardner, Isaiah Anderson, Nial Gardner
National Qualifiers: Chase Sinsabaugh, Jeffrey Noe
  Heats: Vogler, Duke

(Saturday) :

  Race of Champions Asphalt Modifieds (75 Laps):
SHAWN NYE, Tony Hanbury, Tyler Rypkema, Joe Evans, Charlie Sharpsteen, Rusty Smith, Gary Noe, Zack Knowlden, Connor Sellars, John Wilber, Cassie Logsdon, Dave Bellis, David Koslowski, Zack Curren, Eddie Hawkins, Daryl Lewis, Jr., Pat Judson, Tim Gullo, Andy Lewis
  Heats: Nye, Smith, Sharpsteen

  New York Super Stocks (50 Laps – top 10): MIKE NICHOLS, Zach Willis, Nick Robinson, Frank Chapman, Amber VanOrden, Jacob Gustafson, Tim Gullo, Jesse Hurley, Andy Cryan, Cole Hicks

  Race of Champions 4 Cylinders (25 Laps): NICK ROBINSON, Greg Moldt, Bob Bogner, Kenny Hejna, Jason Anasiewicz, Jacob Gustafson, Nick Bevacqua, Dan Dressel, Josh Schosek, DJ Shaw, Bob Palmer, Alex Brown, Joey Bevacqua, Mark Taylor, Adam Killingbeck, John Byrd, M.R. Taylor, Mike Nichols, Tyler Harbst, Stan Mathews
  Heats: Gustafson, Hejna, Moldt


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