February 3rd, 2014
Four Cylinder Champion Morich Looking Ahead to 2014
By: Ray Hodge

  Back to back track Championships in two different divisions in two years is just the beginning for Horseheads High School Sophomore Nick Morich. The 15 year old from Horseheads has been racing since he was 10. He started racing go Karts and had a very successful start, racing at Cooks and Moes Karting tracks, Nick would win 9 out of 14 features in his first year. I have to say he showed me some serious talent says Nicks father Bill Morich who also says Nick has worked very hard to get where he is today.

Nicks talent and desire took father and son on a trip to South Carolina where they looked at and purchased an INEX Bandolero. At the age of 12, Nick would begin racing the Bandolero at the Chemung Speedrome. In 2013 Nick ran the entire season at Chemung and in a very close battle, he would win the track Championship in the Bandolero over close competitor and friend David French. It was a great battle all season between the two of them and it came down to the final race where Nick was crowned track champion. Nicks desire to move up another division had the Morich family working hard during the off season as Father and Son set out to build a four cylinder to run the 2014 Chemung season. The familiar grey and green #9 was transformed from the Bandolero to the four cylinder and the season would begin.

Nick showed up opening day with two cars, the championship Bandolero and the brand new Ford Mustang four cylinder and the rest is history. He would run both cars in every lap of every show in 2014 running more laps than any other driver at Chemung. Lap time is essential in a young racers career and between hot laps, heat races and features, Nick would take advantage of all and put a bunch of laps on the Chemung asphalt. All of the hard work would pay as nick would go on to finish second in points in the INEX Bandolero finishing right behind good friend David French. Nick would run every lap of every race in the four cylinder picking up 4 wins and 14 top 5 finishes on his way to picking up the Chemung Track Championship in that division in 2014.

I have had the pleasure of interviewing Nick on many Friday nights. He is a soft spoken very shy young man. During every interview Nick would open up a little more than the time before. At the Chemung Speedrome awards banquet, I interviewed Nick for The Race Report with Ron Hills and the interview went better than even Nick expected. He opened up and we had a great interview. The entire Morich family are no strangers to racing. Nicks Grandfather, The late Metro Morich was a regular at Chemung and was always up for sharing old racing stories or just talking it up about the nights racing at the track. Bill Morich raced on the Chemung asphalt for several years in the Sunoco Modified division and still has the desire get out there but for now it’s all about Nick Bill says.

The future looks bright for this young, very talented young man from Horseheads. Looking ahead to 2014, Nick will be running the four cylinder defending his Championship at Chemung and according to Father Bill, they purchased the 4 cylinder Nicks Uncle Frank Morich drove to a championship at Chemung in 2012. Nick ran that car several times in 2013 at the Shang - 2 speedway and has plans to run there again this coming season. Also on father Bills facebook page, it looks like a Sunoco modified is in the works for the 2014 season as well for young Nick Morich. The car is in the race shop and knowing the Morich family, I wouldn’t be surprised to see Nick behind the wheel of all 3 cars at some point in the 2014 season.



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