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Chemung Speedrome 2012 News

June 22nd, 2012
Crate Sportsman Added To Chemung Speedrome Sunday Events
By: John Flock

  Ajay Potrzebowski, Casey Pavlick and Chris Brockway were all smiles after their first asphalt race of 2012. All three say they will run on Sundays at Chemung. When the field grows to ten or more cars, the winner will take home a $500 payday.

  Chris Brockway said, I wasnt having much luck or fun this year before today. I had a blast at Chemung and plan to be back every week.

  Casey Pavlick, an early proponent of these Crate Sportsman events, was pleased after the race. I thought I could run with Ajay (Potrzebowski), but he got away from me. I have to learn to manage my tires better. Ill be back!

  Winner Ajay Potrzebowski was all smiles in victory lane. I cant come back next week because my kids are into their final go kart events. My car will be here with one of the crew turning the wheel next week. I dont expect disaster, but I would not be surprised if it took a roll-back truck to get it home!

  Track owners Bob Stapleton and John White were very pleased with the race. They have added the Crate Sportsman division to weekly Sunday afternoon programs. We expect the car count to grow as the word circulates of these events. Fans were excited with the dirt-track racers sliding through the turns and carrying their left front tires high in the air.

  Chemung Speedrome is located off Route 17 (now I-86) exit 59. Practice begins at 1:00 p.m. and racing begins at 2:15. For information, see Race day phone is (607) 857-4843.

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